11 May 2012

Tonga government signs agreement for faster internet access

8:31 am on 11 May 2012

Tonga will have speedier and cheap internet access this time next year when a fibre optic cable connects the Kingdom to Fiji.

Tonga Cable has signed an agreement which will kick-start the project.

Radio Tonga reports that the agreement was signed between Robert Bolouri from Tonga Cable and Michel Bouvard from a French cable company.

Mr. Bolouri says an underwater fibre-optic cable will link Tonga and Fiji which means that by June next year Tongans will have better and faster internet access.

Mr. Bolouri says the total is approximately 60 to 70 megabits per second, but the initial capacity available on the cable would be 20 Gigabits per second.

He says quicker broadband speeds will also improve Tonga's connectivity with the rest of the world, which will help the economy.

Mr Bolouri says it could create jobs, for example, Tonga could become a call center or a data storage center.

The cable project is funded by The World Bank and Asian Development Bank.