10 May 2012

Full public scrutiny promised for Fiji election body

4:26 am on 10 May 2012

The head of Fiji's Constitution Commission Professor Yash Ghai has promised full public scrutiny of the body set up to gauge views on the country's new constitution.

The Kenyan has been in Fiji to set up the body which will pave the way for elections promised for 2014.

Sally Round reports from Suva.

"With critics still questioning the consultation process, Professor Ghai has promised openess across the board. The Commission's office is expected to be running in a month's time, based at Suva's parliament buildings with running costs being sought from the UN and Fiji's interim government. And Professor Ghai says there'll be no strings attached. With free speech still under pressure in Fiji, the veteran constitution-maker says commissioners will want to hear from anyone who feels they can't speak up. He says it's time for a review of inhibitive laws but again stressed his confidence in the regime's commitment to the consultations. The country still awaits details of its civic education programme due to start this month."