9 May 2012

Vanuatu conservationist says turtles in Vanuatu may no longer be endangered

2:40 pm on 9 May 2012

A Vanuatu-based conservationist says turtles in his country may no longer be as endangered as before.

George Petro has been awarded an International Sea Turtle Society Champion Award for his conservation work through the NGO and theatre group Wan Smol Bag.

He says turtles are endangered globally but Vanuatu's effort over the past 15 years is proving successful with people understanding the need to resist collecting turtle eggs.

"I think we are moving away from being endangered. I think most communities they are becoming more aware of the importance of conserving turtles. And also we have the support of our fisheries department who have just put in place these turtle regulations which comes to compliment what other monitors are doing that are conservation."

George Petro says although turtle harvesting still exists in Vanuatu, permits must first be granted.