9 May 2012

Samoa family targetted in drug raid says police fired first

1:21 pm on 9 May 2012

The family of the man who was killed in Samoa during a police drug raid on Monday say the police opened fire at them first and they want the police to pay for what they've done.

Three police officers were wounded by gunfire during the early morning raid in Faleatiu village near Apia.

The police say members of the family started shooting at them when they pulled up to the house so they returned fire in defence.

But the head of the family Vaili Palau Tatupu says the police opened fire without warning and claims the family never shot back because they don't have any guns.

He says they are now preparing for the funeral of their family member.

"After that we will get a lawyer, and we will try to get fight back because it's a lot of damage in our family. I want them to repay what the damage they did to our family."

Vaili Palau Tatupu.

The man's body has been retrieved for a post mortem to determine whether the bullet that killed him was fired by police.