9 May 2012

Hawaiian company eyes American Samoa's Manu'a

10:53 am on 9 May 2012

A Hawaiian company is eyeing the outer islands of Manu'a in American Samoa for its first tele-medicine network.

The Native Hawaiian Holdings Company has already been awarded a 4.9 million US dollar contract to train American Samoans for jobs in the tele-medicine industry and other technology related opportunities.

The company introduced local job seekers to the tele-medicine industry at a job fair at the weekend.

Its Program Manager, Mike McDonald, says it has already invested 10 million in telemedicine technology.

He says the company will be connecting Manu'a to healthcare systems off-island such as UC San Diego, a medical college with one of the best telemedicine systems in the world.

"Right now we're engaging in a partnership with Manu'a Health which is run by Malohia and he's our partner right now. So we support him, get the systems up and running in his two clinics."

Mike McDonald from Native Hawaiian Holdings.