8 May 2012

Vanuatu PM condemns Australia police action against advisor

1:23 pm on 8 May 2012

The Vanuatu Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, has condemned the manner of the Australian Federal Police used to arrest his advisor, Clarence Marae.

Mr Marae was a member of the Prime Minister's delegation transitting Sydney on its way to Israel when police arrested him, reportedly on fraud charges going back ten years.

On his return to Port Vila yesterday, Mr Kilman labelled the Australian police action as kidnapping and a breach of protocol.

He explained that on their way to Israel, he and his delegation were surprised they were ordered to go to immigration, but Mr Marae was not with them.

Mr Kilman says it was only then they were told that Mr Marae was arrested.

He says he is disappointed that Australia granted Mr Marae a visa to travel to Australia, despite knowing about the alleged crime.