8 May 2012

Ten Fiji peacekeepers kidnapped by Bedouins in Egypt

5:04 am on 8 May 2012

Egyptian security sources say Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula have kidnapped 10 Fijian members of a multinational peacekeeping force, demanding Egypt free fellow tribesmen from prison.

The Multinational Force and Observers could not immediately be reached for comment.

The remote Sinai region has descended further into lawlessness since a popular uprising ousted Egypt's president more than a year ago and threw the security apparatus into disarray.

In March, armed Bedouin surrounded a camp belonging to the MFO mission for eight days before lifting the siege. The incident was also a bid to pressure Egyptian authorities to release tribesmen from jail.

The MFO mission was set up as part of the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel which returned the Sinai to Egyptian control.