4 May 2012

Cook Islands records three cases of dengue fever

3:05 pm on 4 May 2012

Three cases of dengue fever have been confirmed on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands and while public health officials expect more victims, they are asking people to be alert but not alarmed.

All the confirmed cases emanate from Rarotonga so far, but because the three infected individuals come from different parts of the island officials expect more cases will surface.

The Cook Islands News reports the latest cases of the mosquito-borne disease are the first to be recorded in the Cook Islands since 2009.

Public health is asking anyone who experiences the symptoms of dengue fever to immediately contact their doctor and seek a blood test.

People with dengue fever, which is easily treatable, typically suffer from irregular high fever, muscle or joint pains, severe headaches and rashes on various parts of the body.