4 May 2012

Pacific Games Council wants to see money flowing to PNG 2015 organisers

10:19 am on 4 May 2012

The Pacific Games Council is urging the Papua New Guinea Government to free up funding so organisers of the 2015 Pacific Games can intensify their preparations

This week the Council Executive Board has met with organisers, the sports minister and inspected Games venues as it looks to reassure itself the Games are back on track after being seriously concerned after their February visit to PNG.

Council Executive Director, Andrew Minogue says they're increasingly confident PNG can live up to its responsibility as Games host but ear marked funding needs to be made available.

"We're been told its close and it will be achieved. It has to be done before election proesses start in PNG. The other issue is the constituting of the Games organising committee.There is a Games chairperson in place now, Emma Waiwai. They're in the process of interviewing their preferred candidate for CEO, which is a good step. But once again we want to see the money flowing though into the organising committee so they can make another couple of critical hires. Particularly in the area of marketing so that the commercial side of the Games can actually be faciliatated, bring sponsors on board and getting the revenue flowing in. I think it's just a case of the cabinet and Minister for the Games prioritising this issue."