4 May 2012

Tokelau expects to earn millions from PNA scheme

1:48 pm on 4 May 2012

The Tokelau government expects the atolls will earn millions from joining the Parties to the Nauru Agreement vessel days scheme, or VDS.

The scheme is part of the PNA's attempt to ensure that tuna in the Pacific is fished more sustainably and Tokelau signed up this week at a meeting in Papua New Guinea.

The VDS involves the PNA countries deciding the total number of days that can be fished in their waters which are then divided among the members to place on the market.

The Ulu o Tokelau, Kelisiano Hiano Kalolo, says they want to make more of their fisheries resource and he's been advised that taking part in the VDS could earn nearly four million US dollars a year.

He says Tokelau will be relying on New Zealand to help administer its involvement.

"We are working together with New Zealand on this. We are grateful for the assistance of officials from New Zealand - fisheries officials and also we recruited an advisor from New Zealand and they are helping us, helping a lot with our people and it's part of capacity building for us."