4 May 2012

Papuans plan flying banned flag for July commemoration

12:41 pm on 4 May 2012

The separatist OPM Free West Papua Movement is planning to fly the banned Morning Star flag throughout Indonesia's Papua region for three days from July the 1st.

The chairman of a so-called Street Parliament, Yusak Pakage, says the flying of the Papuan flag will mark the 43rd anniversary of the proclamation of the State of West Papua which Indonesia disbanded later in the year.

Mr Pakage, who was jailed for ten years in 2005 for flying the banned flag before receiving a Presidential Pardon in 2010, says authorities have been notified of the plan.

He says the aim of the flag-raising is to remind people that West Papuans exist.

Mr Pakage says he is seeking assurances regarding the security of the events from police and armed forces.

He also says the OPM's military wing, the TPN National Liberation Army, will guard the streets where the Morning Star flags are being flown.