1 May 2012

Sport: Fiji Rugby Union says financial loss needs to be kept in perspective

10:44 am on 1 May 2012

The Fiji Rugby Union Operations Manager says a successful national team will help in turning its finances around.

The Union has posted its second straight annual loss with it announcing a loss of nearly 180,000 dollars for 2011.

Operations manager Vilikesa Rinavuaka says their financial struggle has to be kept in perspective.

"We're only a small union compared to the major unions yet we're able to punch well above our weight all things considered. We survive off sponsorship. At the end of the day we need funding and the only way we can get substantial funding is through sponsors, through such organistations like the IRB. We need to go out there and sell ourselves as well as we can and attract those sponsors. We need to start winning on the field and do everything we can to get back into the black."