30 Apr 2012

UN committed to reserved parliamentary seats for women in PNG

1:21 pm on 30 April 2012

A United Nations representative in Papua New Guinea says the organisation will continue to work to establish seats reserved for women in parliament.

The comment follows a mock parliament for women in Port Moresby, attended by about 50 women putting themselves forward for this year's general election in June.

Peterson Magoola says the UN remains committed to the legislation allocating seats for women in each of the 22 provinces, despite its defeat earlier this year.

"This work has not been completed until this Bill is operationalised. So we still have to support these women groups and also work with the government and do some sort of high level advocacy to ensure that they look into it and see how they can get it passed."

Peterson Magoola says the UN will conduct more practice parliament sessions as part of a five-year programme it is setting up to prepare women for the 2017 election.