1 May 2012

Pakistani car dealer jailed in Samoa after car thefts

10:39 am on 1 May 2012

A Pakistani man found guilty of 25 charges of theft as a servant and fraud in Samoa's Supreme Court in February has been sentenced to 4 years and six months jail.

Arshed Fareed was the in country manager for Alnima Cars.

He had unlawfully transferred 25 vehicles from the company, which is owned by several Pakistani businessmen, and sold them at another dealership.

He had also transferred money from the company's account into the new business, which he owned with a local partner, the head of the Islamic League in Samoa, Mohammed La'ulu Daniel Stanley.

A separate civil court proceeding ordered Fareed to pay Alnima Motors more than 250 thousand US dollars - the value of the vehicles he had stolen.