30 Apr 2012

Reconciliation ceremony eases brewing tension in Solomon Islands capital

10:26 am on 30 April 2012

A reconciliation ceremony held on Saturday afternoon is believed to have eased tensions in the Solomon Islands capital after the killing of a young diplomat.

Simon Fuoo, who had served in Australia and Switzerland, was stabbed to death outside the Central Market.

18 Lengths of shell money or tafuliae and about US$13,000 were put forward by the families of the 4 people charged with murder.

The acting police commissioner, Edmond Sikua, says the the investigation is continuing.

"We still have those suspects in custody. And it does not stop the RSIPF to bring this case to justice, and the court will decide on the outcome."

Edmond Sikua says it is important for communities to respect the traditional process, at the same time as the police do their work.