30 Apr 2012

Fiji NGO calls for flooding impact to be heeded in constitution talks

7:01 am on 30 April 2012

The head of a Fiji NGO says the impact of flooding in Fiji needs to be considered by the government as it rolls out its civic education and constitutional review programmes.

Femlink Pacific's Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls says a recent forum of women leaders heard concerns about how women will best participate as they try to also recover from flooding.

She says the realities of women in damaged rural communties need to be taken into account.

"The co-convenors of the forum decided that civic education is critical but it must include a rights based approach, it must take into account the needs of rural women, and we are quite concerned about the effect of the recent floods on women and how they are going to participate in this quite important parallel process that's going on in our country."

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls says she hopes talks with government officals will give women an opportunity to discuss their concerns about disaster risk responses and humanitarian assistance.