30 Apr 2012

Temaru wants Tahiti independence negotiations with Hollande

5:14 am on 30 April 2012

The French Polynesian president says he wants to negotiate a path towards independence if Francois Hollande is elected president of France.

Mr Hollande had the highest score in the first round of voting a week ago.

Oscar Temaru restated his ambition for the territory's reinscription on the UN decolonisation list in an address to the assembly in Tahitii

Walter Zweifel reports.

"Oscar Temaru says last year's Pacific Islands Forum backed his stance that the French Polynesians have an inalienable right to self-determination. He says the process has to involve an outside organisation which is the United Nations. After being repeatedly rebuffed by Paris, he says he will negotiate such a process with a new president. In the first round of voting in Tahiti, Nicolas Sarkozy was the clear winner, with pro-autonomy politicians saying this shows opposition to Mr Temaru's campaign."