30 Apr 2012

Fiji Government asked to release social impact report on new casino

5:15 am on 30 April 2012

The head of Fiji's Council of Social Services says its not too late for the government to consult with civil society over the impacts of the country's first casino.

Hassan Khan is calling for the public release of a social impact report on the casino's introduction to try and minimise harm from gambling and addiction.

He says the start of construction of the casino at Denarau is the birth of a social cancer that will spread throughout the country.

He invites the government to openly discuss the impact report.

"All we are asking for is the social impact study of introduction of casino in Fiji. And I think that's a very reasonable ask. It's not going to end anybody's life. We feel that in any society, any state or government, its good to consult and be transparent because that is the hope of good government."

Hassan Khan says Fiji does not have the social infrastructure to meet the negative social and economic challenges of casinos.