28 Apr 2012

Guam's Congresswoman opposes bill on cuts to Medicaid for US territories

7:08 am on 28 April 2012

Guam's Congresswoman, Madeleine Bordallo, says cuts in Medicaid funding for the US territories will affect healthcare for island residents.

The Congresswoman was commenting on a bill proposing such cuts by the Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Fred Upton.

The bill would repeal a provision of the Affordable Care Act that provided for 6.3 billion US dollars in additional funding for Medicaid in the territories from Fiscal Year 2011 through Fiscal Year 2019.

The bill also seeks to increase the territories' Federal Medical Assistance Percentage from 50 percent to 55 percent.

Congresswoman Bordallo says the increased Medicaid funding has helped to provide critical services for residents in the territories who depend on it for health coverage.

She says the loss of these additional funds would negate important progress made toward reducing health disparities among the territories.

Congresswoman Bordallo has joined her colleagues from the territories in sending a letter to Fred Upton, requesting he reconsider his proposal.