26 Apr 2012

Ba administrator calls for tightly-controlled development following Fiji floods

4:32 pm on 26 April 2012

The special administrator for the town of Ba which was hit by Fiji's devastating floods last month is calling for future development in the area to be tightly controlled.

A state of natural disaster is still in place following the fatal floodwaters that submerged the homes of thousands and resulted in outbreaks of water-borne diseases that have so far killed seven.

Arun Prasad says Ba's town council encourages development but it must be done in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act.

"All the drainage and all that is there, it has be re-looked at, like current development, we have to really widen and deepen our drains, trying to de-silt as well as anyone else deciding to build, we have to see that the right type of culvert, the right type of drain is given within that area."

Arun Prasad says the interim government has promised to dredge the Ba River, which will help lessen the impact of future floods.