26 Apr 2012

RIPEL's lawyers to sue Solomons government

2:24 pm on 26 April 2012

The lawyers for the Solomon Islands company Russell Islands Plantation Estate Limited or RIPEL have been advised to prepare a lawsuit against the government.

The owners of RIPEL are planning to sue the government for 324 million Solomon Islands dollars for loss of revenue and damages of assets over eight years when its operations were halted by industrial disputes.

The Chairman of RIPEL, Patrick Wong says the government has continued to dishonour a deal made last August to purchase the company's assets for 24 million dollars, despite being given ample time.

"In the next coming weeks or maybe a month or two we will proceed with suing the government. I think this is the only language they understand. I think they prefer to pay $324 million instead of $24 million, that's fine."

Patrick Wong says if the Prime Minister places the country ahead of any personal vendetta he may have against RIPEL's owners, he should settle the payments.