26 Apr 2012

Papuans commemorate Arnold Ap's death

4:47 pm on 26 April 2012

A number of public gatherings has been organised in the capital of Indonesia's Papua province today to mark the 28th anniversary of the death of the West Papuan anthropologist and musician Arnold Ap.

Arnold Ap, who was the acclaimed leader of the Mambesak music group and curator of the Museum at Cenderawasih University, emerged as a powerful advocate for strengthening Papuan culture in the face of Indonesian nationalism.

In November 1983, he was arrested by the Indonesian army special forces unit, Kopassus, imprisoned and tortured.

Security forces shot him dead the next April in what is widely believed to have been an execution.

A human rights activist, Denny Yomaki, says a number of cultural events to commemorate Arnold Ap will take place in various places in Jayapura.

"The young generation of Papuans is trying to bring this issue up through many things related to Papua. Arnold was killed as part of the Papuan struggle, that's why they want to remember him."

Denny Yomaki