26 Apr 2012

Sport: PNG confident of hosting 2015 Pacific Games

10:39 am on 26 April 2012

The chairperson of the 2015 Pacific Games organising committee says Papua New Guinea's political turmoil won't endanger their hosting of the Games.

Emma Waiwai is readying for the return of representatives of the Pacific Games Council, who in February raised concerns about lack of progress in regard to funding and facilities.

Waiawai says the recent establishment of a Games Authority, currently working hard to free up allocated funds, should reassure the Council.

She says political turmoil in the country shouldn't affect the Games.

"We believe the government will still deliver. Regardless of whoever is in leadership. I don't know about PGC though. They may see this as a concern. They may see this as it'll just continue through to 2015. I don't know how they will see it. No I don't see it as an issue really with what's happening right now, I think we can still deliver regardless. One of the meetings we want to organise is between PGC and the Games Minister himself and if possible the Prime Minister. Just so they get some assurance from the government of the day."