25 Apr 2012

Eco toilets catch on around Pacific

6:47 pm on 25 April 2012

A regional environmental engineer, David Duncan, says Tuvalu's success with composting toilets is catching on around the region.

The environmentally-friendly toilets were introduced two years ago in Tuvalu which relies on rainwater but has poor catchment.

Mr Duncan of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community says households in Funafuti with composting toilets save 30 percent of their water and the lagoon is now better protected from sewage.

He says the eco toilets have been so successful because Tuvalu people were engaged in the project.

"A lot of discussion was had in Tuvalu with the islanders there about what do you want of the toilets, what don't you like, what can we do better and ultimately Tuvaluans have designed a toilet which works for them. They can't get enough toilets now to meet the demand in the country."

David Duncan says Nauru, Tonga and Marshall islands now all want composting toilets and Nauru is looking at bringing in a national scheme.