24 Apr 2012

Report says PNG jails are training grounds for criminals

10:09 am on 24 April 2012

A report into a 2010 prison escape in Papua New Guinea says the notorious bank robber, William Kapris, and 11 others simply walked out of a jail system that had long ceased to serve its purpose of rehabilitating prisoners.

According to the newspaper, the National, the confidential report concludes that long periods of neglect, poor administration and a serious break-down in control had led to a situation where the jail system served as a criminal recruiting and training ground.

It says single prisoner escapes occurred daily throughout the country and were not reported.

The newspaper quotes the report saying the problems are so entrenched in the prison system that the concept of rehabilitating criminal behaviour has taken a backseat.

It says crime syndicates that include prisoners and officials, have formed, which has a significant bearing on general law and order of the country.