24 Apr 2012

Flood damage to Fiji town more than US$7m

8:18 am on 24 April 2012

The special administrator for the flood-ravaged town of Ba in Fiji's Western Division says last month's disaster caused damage worth more than seven million US dollars.

Six people died and thousands fled to evacuation centres during last month's severe flooding on the main island, which followed floods in January that killed eight and caused widescale evacuation.

Arun Prasad says 60 percent of Ba's market has reopened and 85 percent of businesses but many are going into debt to do so.

"They have lost over 11 million dollars in their goods and items because it was a flash flooding and it came overnight and people could not protect their goods or lift them to safer grounds. And of course their furniture and fittings they have got damaged."

Arun Prasad says his primary focus now is to have flood warning sirens installed so that in future people have time to move belongings to higher ground.