23 Apr 2012

Top French presidential candidates excel in Pacific

2:22 pm on 23 April 2012

The two leading French presidential candidates have scored their best results in overseas constituencies, including the French Pacific.

However, 11 overseas constituencies top the list of places with the lowest turnout.

Walter Zweifel looked at the numbers.

"The top four electorates for Francois Hollande were overseas, with Wallis and Futuna giving him most support in the Pacific. Nicolas Sarkozy also won big suppport in the Pacific, with New Caledonia and French Polynesia among his four strongest constituencies. In Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean, he won the outright highest score of any candidate with more than 62 percent. Marine Le Pen fared poorly overseas, netting her lowest score in Wallis and Futuna. When elected five years ago, Mr Sarkozy won the best result of any electorate in New Caledonia."