23 Apr 2012

Fiji's Peni Moore a vocal addition to Constitution Commission

12:51 pm on 23 April 2012

Fiji activist Peni Moore says her vocal campaigning for all people's rights has got her a berth on the body which will consult on the country's new constitution.

The interim government has named Ms Moore as the fifth and final member of the Constitution Commission alongside two South African academics, a former deputy Fiji prime minister and a former Fiji MP.

Ms Moore has been a campaigner for marginalised groups since the 1987 coup and was involved in forming the regime's People's Charter, which she describes as a good document taking in a wide variety of views even though it remains controversial.

"I was most probably one of the most vocal and argumentative. I don't keep quiet. I speak. I don't get worried about speaking even if I'll get into trouble."

Peni Moore says she is a peace-builder so it is important for her to take part in the constitution debate even though she may be condemned by some.