19 Apr 2012

Vanuatu reviews STI and HIV strategy

5:33 pm on 19 April 2012

Health officials in Vanuatu are reviewing the country's sexually transmitted infection and HIV strategic plan two years after its introduction.

The national coordinator of STI and HIV, Janet Jack, says staff in all six provinces are assessing the effectiveness and shortcomings of the strategic plan this week.

Ms Jack says they have already found there needs to be a greater effort to increase knowledge on sexually transmitted disease through awareness programmes in the villages, and says there are still remote areas that staff need to visit.

She says they've also found that the use of language in posters and leaflets needs to be simplified so people can understand the message.

Ms Jack says there has been some change of perception concerning the use of contraception in a country where taboos still exist, thanks to some chiefs and church leaders helping to spread the message of prevention.