18 Apr 2012

Relocation considered for Fiji's flood-prone sugar cane

2:38 pm on 18 April 2012

Sugar cane farmers in Fiji are being urged to consider carefully where they plant their crops, following two bouts of devastating flooding this year responsible for millions of dollars' worth of damage.

The Fiji Sugar Corporation expects the recent floods, in which six people died and thousands more had to flee their homes, along with January's fatal floods, to reduce the crop by about 700,000 tons.

Abdul Khan says the corporation is starting to talk to farmers about not planting in flood-prone areas.

"It may not be these sort of floods, it may be a smaller flood and yet their crops get washed out, so what do we need to do to minimise that. And one would be actually shifting it and the other is where such flood does cause damage we need to look at whether we've got the right farming practice in place in terms of drainage etc."

Abdul Khan says bad drainage on sugar cane farms is a huge issue in Fiji.