14 Apr 2012

Marshall Islands govt looks at vocational school to retain US funding

4:47 am on 14 April 2012

The Marshall Islands Government is scrambling to try and ensure a vocational training school on Majuro can retain US Compact funding.

The National Vocational Training Institute is for students who are unable to meet academic requirements to enter the five public high schools in the country.

The Compact funding for the school is due to end on September the 30th unless dramatic changes are made.

The Education Minister, Dr Hilda Heine, says they have been discussing re-inventing the the school.

Our correspondent Giff Johnson says this could involve a boot camp approach.

"This is something that was trialled here a couple of years ago with the College of the Marshall Islands running a live in ten week immersion course where they took kids who had dropped out and put them through heavy doses of maths, English and basic carpentry - vocational type schools to really try to get the students into an environment where they could learn and develop some basic employment skills."