14 Apr 2012

British PM slammed for selling Indonesia weapons for use in Papua

4:43 am on 14 April 2012

The British-based Free West Papua Campaign has condemned Britain's renewal of weapon sales to Indonesia as one of the worst outcomes imaginable.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron and an entourage including representatives from British arms companies are in Jakarta to discuss plans for Britain to renew arms sales to Indonesia for the first time in 13 years.

However, the Free West Papua Campaign has criticised the Prime Minister's promise to provide Indonesia with the best defence equipment in the world, because he says the Southeast Asian nation is a responsible country.

The organisation questions how David Cameron can meet Benny Wenda and describe the situation in Papua region as terrible when it was the exiled Papuan's village that was bombed by British-made Hawk jets which continue to be sold to Indonesia.

The Campaign Against The Arms Trade has also criticised Britain for selling more weaponry to a country which it says is still prosecuting a largely hidden war in Papua.