12 Apr 2012

Hopes Australian symposium will raise PNG's profile

7:16 pm on 12 April 2012

Australia's parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs, Richard Marles, hopes a conference underway in Melbourne raises the profile of Papua New Guinea in Australia's national consciousness.

The two day symposium called PNG - Securing A Prosperous Future, involves academics and political leaders, including PNG's public service mnister Bart Philemon and the opposition leader, Dame Carol Kidu.

Mr Marles says PNG is a vibrant country going through an incredible period of economic growth and this should resonate with Australians.

"And it really is a country which at a cross roads and when you combine that will what I think we are seeing over the past year or two and through this election - a change in, a generational change in the political leadership of PNG, it really is a country at the cross roads and it does deserve an increased public engagement from the media and from academia and Australians in general."