12 Apr 2012

Tongan villagers being warned to step up hygiene after third typhoid case

12:39 pm on 12 April 2012

The Ministry of Health in Tonga is urging villagers in Tongatapu to be more diligent with their hygiene practices after confirming a third case of typhoid on the island since the start of the year.

A teenage boy and a five-year old from Tatakamotonga village were hospitalised and treated for the virus last month.

The Chief Medical Officer for Public Health Dr Malakai Ake says another teenage boy from the same village has contracted typhoid and believes it was the result of poor hygiene.

"Basically the advice to the public is to beat the chain of transmission. So make sure the people upgrade their personal hygiene, wash their hands, wash their hands after using the toilet, wash their hands before eating. Plus ensure that the toilets are kept clean."

Dr Malakai Ake says he does not believe there is an outbreak of typhoid.