12 Apr 2012

College in Samoa expels 20 students for fighting

6:57 am on 12 April 2012

In Samoa, Avele College has expelled about 20 students who were involved in a fight at the Fugalei Market.

Principal Luafalealo Mikaele says all those confirmed to have taken part in last weeks fight between Avele and Leififi students have been expelled.

He said such behavior will not be tolerated and expulsion would help deter school violence.

He relayed this to parents of the students who have been removed, and will also call a meeting of the Parent Teacher Association to reinforce that any students caught fighting will face the same action.

So far police have not charged any of the Avele students, but they have filed charges of property damage against a Leififi College student who stoned a van carrying Avele pupils.