11 Apr 2012

French Polynesia president accused of abuse of power

3:13 pm on 11 April 2012

The French Polynesian opposition has accused the President, Oscar Temaru, of abuse of power after its permit to use Papeete's Toata centre for an election rally was cancelled.

Gaston Tong Sang, who is the To Tatou Aia leader and the official representative of the French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, says the government's move amounts to a denial of democracy.

The planned rally, whose special guest will be the French finance minister, Francois Baroin, is now to be held in the Aorai Tini Hau hall.

Mr Tong Sang says Mr Temaru has insulted Mr Sarkozy, alluding to last month's allegation that the French president cannot be voted for because he has blood on his hands over the war in Libya.

Mr Tong Sang says in light of the territory's unprecedented economic and social crisis, voters should choose Mr Sarkozy to legally show what they want for the future.