12 Apr 2012

PNG watchdog warns of further protest if O'Neill breaks pledges

7:00 am on 12 April 2012

The head of Transparency International Papua New Guinea has warned people may come together again in mass fury if the Prime Minister does not stick to pledges over elections.

The Prime Minister Peter O'Neill told a mass gathering in Port Moresby on Tuesday elections would go ahead in June, but said a controversial law to sack judges would not be repealed unless certain judges stepped down.

TI's spokesperson Lawrence Stephens says there was an undercurrent of suspicion among the estimated 10,000 people and loud booing of Mr O'Neill but people appeared pleased he'd fronted up to the crowd.

"People were satisfied that the Prime Minister had agreed that it was not the prerogative of parliament to fiddle around with the elections, that they had probably been poorly advised in this regard and that he understood the vehemence of the demand that the Judicial (Conduct) Act be repealed."

Lawrence Stephens of Transparency International PNG