11 Apr 2012

American Samoans land jobs in Guam

10:41 am on 11 April 2012

About half of the expats from American Samoa who moved to Guam hoping to find work in the military build up have landed jobs.

The American Samoa Director of Human Resources Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford says just over a dozen of the 30 local residents who went to Guam have been employed.

There are reports some are working on a project to restore condemned public school buildings.

The group has undergone training under a partnership between the governments of American Samoa, Guam and a Guam-based non-profit group, the Centre for Micronesia Empowerment.

Ms Langford says consultations are underway between the governments of American Samoa and Australia with a view towards sending some of the local residents there to work.

Australia reportedly faces a shortage of trades people like carpenters, plumbers, and electricians and the country is recruiting for such skills from the Pacific islands and even in the US.