4 Apr 2012

French Socialists regret Temaru comments

1:35 pm on 4 April 2012

The Socialist Party in France has distanced itself from comments by the French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, who repeatedly accused the French President of having blood on his hands over the war in Libya.

The Socialists' Victorin Lurel says the comments were inappropriate and at times outrageous.

Mr Lurel's reaction follows calls by the spokesperson for Nicolas Sarkozy for the Socialist leader Francois Hollande to speak out against Mr Temaru.

Mr Lurel says the party would have preferred sober, moderate and effective support but says he respects Mr Temaru's Party.

He says Mr Temaru's comments are his and they are not shared by the Socialist Party.

Mr Temaru's Tavini Huiraatira Party has a formal partnership with France's Socialist Party.