3 Apr 2012

Call for more PNG scholarships to make free education work

6:54 pm on 3 April 2012

The Chancellor of the University of Goroka in Papua New Guinea is calling on the government to provide more scholarships for student teachers if it wants its free education policy to work.

The PNG government last year announced free education for children up to year ten to be implemented from this year.

It's allocated more funding but Goroka Chancellor, Ben Sabumei, says more is needed.

He says Goroka graduated 221 teachers recently, but could cater for many more if they were appropriately funded.

Mr Sabumei says the Higher Education Office has been putting the case to the government for more scholarships but it is yet to have an impact.

"What's disappointing is that they don't seem to appreciate what the Higher Education Office is telling them and we are now into a situation where there are going to be a lot more children going to school and we just won't have enough teachers, classrooms, teaching materials."

The Chancellor of University of Goroka, Ben Sabumei.