2 Apr 2012

Sport: O-League match moved from Fiji to NZ

10:24 am on 2 April 2012

The Oceania Champions League football match between Ba and Tefana has been moved to New Zealand, after the weather conditions in Fiji forced the match to be postponed twice over the weekend.

The game had been rescheduled for Sunday, and moved from Ba to Lautoka, but with a severe storm in Fiji continuing to cause massive disruption, a decision was made to postpone the game a second time.

Tefana will advance to the home and away grand final against Auckland City if they win the match, while Ba need to win and overhaul a whopping 19-goal deficit.

The Ba club President, Rishikendra Kumar, says it's the third time in four matches that weather conditions have disrupted one of their games.

He says while it's a shame to lose home advantage, shifting the game to New Zealand made sense.

"Tahiti they have to travel from Tahiti to New Zealand, for Ba we have to travel from Fiji to New Zealand, so instead of Tahiti travelling further to Fiji we will go there because normally in this period it is cyclone and rainy season in Fiji so weighing all those things we have to play in New Zealand and as you know these finals have been scheduled, it has to be completed before May so that's it."

Rishikendra Kumar says the match will be played on either the 14th or 15th of April with the grand final scheduled for the first two weekends in May.