31 Mar 2012

Thousands spend night in evacuation centres in Fiji due to flooding

10:30 am on 31 March 2012

The Disaster Management Office in Fiji says more than three thousand people spent the night in evacuation centres and towns remain cut off after severe flooding on the main island of Viti Levu.

Heavy rain, which has been falling since Thursday has washed out roads and bridges leaving residents stranded.

A six-day deluge in the islands in January claimed 11 lives.

The director of Fiji's Disaster Management Office, Pajiliai Dobui, says several people had to be rescued from their homes yesterday.

He says they are trying to establish if the situation is worse than the floods in 2009, which were the worst Fiji had ever experienced.

"It's worse than the January flood, we are trying to get the measurements and the date from the 2009 and compare which one of them is the worst one"

Pajiliai Dobui says they are still confirming numbers but more than 3500 people went to evacuation centres.