29 Mar 2012

Hundreds of thousands in back pay owed by struggling American Samoa hospital

7:40 pm on 29 March 2012

The American Samoa Medical Center Authority, the LBJ Hospital, has agreed to pay nearly 630 thousand US dollars in back wages to 481 employees after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Department found that the hospital had violated the overtime, minimum wage and record-keeping provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

The director fo the Wage and Hour Division's Honolulu District Office, Terence Trotter,

said employers must properly track and pay employees for actual hours worked

to ensure that they are correctly paid according to the legislation.

He says this case should put other employers on notice and encourage them to ensure that record keeping and payrolls accurately reflect hours worked so that their employees are properly compensated.

The ruling comes as the LBJ struggles to make ends meet because of a shortfall in funding due it from the government.