26 Mar 2012

Law changes seen as vital to overcome violence against women in Solomon Islands

8:37 pm on 26 March 2012

The National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says legislation is needed to protect victims of violence.

The NGO's call comes after the release of a World Bank report showing the country has the world's worst levels of sexual violence against women.

The President of the Council Jenny Tuhaika says there is a need to criminalise violence against women.

"If there were tough regulations on such issues then maybe it will make the people think twice before they commit such crimes. What I'm saying here is if the laws are there to be implemented, to make people responsible for their actions but if we need to be specific, we need to be specific as something has to be done."

Jenny Tuhaika says violence against women is a growing problem in Solomon Islands but says it's difficult to say why.