26 Mar 2012

Vanuatu escaped prisoners surrender to chiefs

11:48 am on 26 March 2012

The 12 Vanuatu inmates who escaped from the capital's high-risk facility last week have turned themselves in through custom chiefs.

The inmates' escape from the so-called Container City is the latest in a string of break-outs and prompted calls from police for Port Vila residents to stay indoors at night.

The Daily Post newspaper reports the inmates were handed over to the police by community leaders after voicing their concerns over alleged ill-treatment in Container City.

The paper reports the escape as the second in less than a month with the purpose of making known issues over the prison's conditions.

Complaints were made over alleged ill treatment, unfair handing of transfers, denial to medical services and poor food.

The prisoners claim that escaping and taking their concerns to community leaders is the only way of having them heard.