23 Mar 2012

NZ's McCully says MFAT being careful before restructuring decisions

8:47 am on 23 March 2012

The Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully says the government is taking the time to properly consider changes at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Mr McCully told Morning Report it's the same message given to PSA managers yesterday who attended a meeting with MFAT's chief Executive, John Allen.

Mr McCully says the views of staff, unions and the government itself are being considered but the issues are complex.

He says for instance, a proposal to outsource jobs would adversely affect the jobs of workers in pacific nations, which was one issue raised in a letter he sent to Mr Allen.

"These are big steps that are proposed in the original document to the extent that you are going to take steps down that path, we make sure they are not too ambitious, that they are sure-footed and that we are able to manage consequences of those sorts of changes as we go forward."

Mr McCully says the unions should welcome the cautious approach being taken.