23 Mar 2012

CNMI delegate calls for funding to help victims of assault

8:47 am on 23 March 2012

The CNMI Delegate to the US Congress, Gregorio Sablan, has introduced Legislation to increase federal funding to help victims of sexual assualt and domestic violence.

The requested funding would provide more immediate help for sexual assault and domestic violece victims such as being acconmpanied to the hospital after an attack or to the police to report the crime.

The congressman's help would allow each of the Us. territories of Guam, Northern Marianas and American Samoa to receive funding of 1.5% of the same base amount as the mainland states.

Right now each territory only receives 0.125 percent.

Mr Sablan says with so many reports of sexual assault and domestic violence, the CNMI community could clearly use additional resources to help those who have been attacked.