22 Mar 2012

Sir Michael Somare says PNG needs immediate election to end unconstitutional acts

8:23 pm on 22 March 2012

Papua New Guinea's Sir Michael Somare, who continues to maintain he is the country's legitimate prime minister, says PNG should immediately hold elections to put an end to the barrage of unconstitutional acts from the rival Peter O'Neill administration.

On Wednesday MPs rushed through the Judicial Conduct Bill which gives MPs sweeping powers over judges.

Sir Michael, in a statement, says it is obvious that Mr O'Neill and his followers are avoiding the judgment of the courts.

But it is offensive and absolutely inappropriate to put self interest ahead of the greater interest of Papua New Guinea.

Sir Michael says the MPs bring great shame to PNG's democracy by their constant menace and meddling with the independence of the judiciary.

He says the MPs have shown how they will wield power and the judiciary is only the beginning.

He fears they will now turn their attention on the Electoral Commission with the aim of delaying the election.