22 Mar 2012

Marshalls meets US over Compact funding

2:43 pm on 22 March 2012

Marshall Islands and United States officials have met to discuss funding of education and health programmes.

The US-Marshall Islands Joint Economic Management and Financial Accountability Committee is a part of the Compact of Free Association the US has with the Marshalls.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says it's an important meeting for the compact funding, which is the basis for the Marshall Islands government's spending.

He says this week's meeting was the first for the newly-formed government.

"One of the key points that was made by foreign minister Phillip Muller, was that Marshall Islands would like to get away from resolutions that penalise the Marshall Islands through certain conditions, with more forward looking actions, to try to promote better outcomes in health and education. Now, what specifically that might mean, is unclear."

Giff Johnson.

The officials will meet again in August to decide the budget for the upoming financial year.