22 Mar 2012

Fiji taxi association promotes anti-sexual harrassment message to drivers

9:04 am on 22 March 2012

A trustee of the Fiji Taxi Association says the organisation intends to teach drivers about the negative impact of sexual harrassment, following comments made by the general secretary linking drivers' abuse of female passengers with the way they dress.

Rishi Ram is on a month's leave of absence after suggesting that if women don't wear revealing clothing taxi drivers won't sexually harrass them.

Women's organisations have responded vigorously to the comments, saying sexual harrassment of female and transgender passengers is commonplace and has nothing to do with what they wear.

The trustee, Abhay Nand, says the association is going to make a formal public apology but it's also going to educate drivers.

"We're going to have workshops and we're going to have a bit of training. We'll get the women's organisations, the Women's Crisis Centre and all those people involved in there, so that the taxi drivers are educated and at the same time a better understanding between the parties."

Abhay Nand says the Fiji Taxi Association is going to make sure that in future public officeholders don't express personal views.